Sunday, May 11, 2003

Hi Isis!

Alright...what else to say... Hm. If Athena DOES make me a banner...where would it go?

Aha, i went surfing with the Internet radio and am currently tuned to a station playing "Dancing Queen" Can you say, closet? LOL Alright, it is now playing an annoying country song...Alright, some sentimental song playing, "Right Here Waiting" i think. Ugh. But its a bit too late to be expecting good songs anyway.

That is one of my latest peeves as i am currenly impatiently tapping my fingers in anxious waiting for Marilyn Manson's new album, "The Golden Age of Grotesque" to come out here. It came out around two days ago in Australia. But still little less than a week to go until it comes here. I am well tempted to ask Athena to send me a copy...

What else? Nothing much happened over the weekend actually. I just slept most of the weekend off. It was a welcome change to the busy bustle of the weekday. I am an inherently lazy person, and work is almost a bane of my existence.

I AM thinking of taking up surfing. There is a lovely beach just an hour's drive away and in the summer i can remember it being very full and swelled with lovely surf. Maybe. Maybe. I still have to think about it.

This is it for now. Take care always Mia.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Oddly enough, i am curious about this person who is bothering Mia's friends. Who is she/he/it? I mean, besides someone who is obvioiusly begging for attention the only way she knows. So sad really. If this person thinks that this...barrage of inane comments on boxes are going to help the cause that is being championed....then this person must really be a lonely soul. Poor thing. Probably has no friends.

Buffy is preceeded by something called Smallville. Strange take on the Superman Prequel. But i can't say i disapprove. Although the timeline confuses me, it is wonderful eyecandy for us who are passing Superman fans. And the girl playing Lana is quite cute. Okay, very cute. Ever since Sarah Michelle went of and married, there's not much to look at in Buffy anyway. The girl who plays Jean Gray in Xmen is rather hot though. hahahaha.

Hi again Isis. Let the tennis match of 'Hi's' begin!

Thanks Maia for the suggestion but it is Athena who needs the help not me. I'm happy about my blog as it is.

Mia, i sent an email already. Hope you read it soon.

Nothing else to say as i am very cold again. It was too cold to type last night so i am typing this only now. The weather man on the radio is saying that it could reach 2 degrees to day, on the minimum. That means i have to dig out my themal underclothes. *sigh*

This is it for now. Love always Nibblet.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

The dread of the undiscovered country....

Well, nibblet, i agree that Athena has/is being particularly vague and...well disturbing. But her main blog isn't too revealing either. I think...if she were really in trouble, she would reveal it in time. To either you or well, whoever else she is close to. Well, i should hope so anyway. But for now, even if you offer help, it will no take effect until that help is accepted. But don't worry. She just seems to be venting out dark thoughts and i don't blame her. Winter and early darkness can do that to a person's mind.

I haven't the opputunity to open my mail. Perhaps after this.

Oh yes. Hello to Isis. Don't ask me. Ask Athena why she pestered me to say hi to you via this blog. She's insane really. And speaking of, she promised to make me a new blogskin although i have no idea how she will do that as she has NO idea how to make a blogskin in the first place.

I'm sorry if this is short but it is currently 10 degrees and will ge tcolder as the night progresses.

Good night for now.

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Oh. Blogger isn't down anymore. That's good.

So people DO read this silly piece. How strange. There's nothing interesting here. I'm only blogging, my dear Nibblet, so that i can keep in contact with you. Oh well. The fag is in the fire.

It rained the entire day today. And thank GOD i had plugged all the possible holes. I only had one pail. That's better than before. The weatherman said that the rain might be until tomorrow anyway. I'll survive the weekend i think. I had planned to go shopping today but i remembered in time that today was ANZAC day. Don't ask me what this is. All i know is that this day commemorates the soldiers and army personnel who had served the Australian and New Zealand forces (A for Australia, NZ for the Kiwis. I forgot what AC was for). It was all marches in Australia and a bit here in CBD Auckland as well. Nice thing to watch, but thing was, all the shops were closed. So my shopping would have to be posponed until tomorrow.

When i finally took a look at the calendar i realized that the Queen celebrated her birthday a few days ago. I guess the Kiwis celebrate it on a different day or otherwise, i would have known. Very embarassing.

I'm sorry i can't give you the novel-length 'bloggage' (?) that you expected of me but i don't really rant mi'nibblet. There isn't really much of my life to rant about other than Buffy is moved to around 11 in the evening. Yes. Besides the dripping and the Buffy problem i think i am doing okay. My life is expectedly boring. As if it were made that way. Funny really. It's like i have no life becuase there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it right now, or maybe nothing i can see. or want to see.

That is the closest you can have as a rant. Sorry. haha.

Until the next time then Mia. Take care always. All my love.

Friday, April 25, 2003

...why is it so damp?


Yes those two lines will now characterize the rest of my expectedly short entry.

I'm very sorry i couldn't call you Mia. I wanted to but i got caught up. There was last minute things to be rushed. I hope you Debutante party went well. And i join in Athena's whining, when are the pictures going to be shown hm? I can't wait to go around the blogs to find out what happened. Maybe be you can tell me yourself, hm?

It is a damp autumn and i am suffering because of it. Whatever can drip, WILL drip in this bloody house. and guess who has to shimmy up and plug the hole? That's right, me. I don't fear heights really. No, i don't fear falling from them either. It's the actual hitting of the ground that scares me shitless.

You've been hinting at things lately nibblet, who likes me? And who says that i, er, like-like you? (That is a fecking funny way to put it.) You have to clarify this with me nibblet....

Alright. I can imagine/hear/oh whatever something dripping right now. I'll have to get *sigh* another pail

Someother time then.

Take care Mia.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

i am currently stting infront of the computer with a quickly cooling mug of tea at my side. Incidentally i am also falling asleep.

what can i say. The bed is fecking cold (Athena is rubbing off me again. I haven't used 'fecking' since i was in school.) and the electric blanket is shot again. i think i forgot to get it fixed in the first place. of all the things that come to mind, i wonder if the bloody cast of LOTR ever had problems with cold beds, or electric blankets that won't warm up. Maybe not. HAH. Mia, my dear delectable nibblet, i am spending too much time at your LOTR cast RPF site. heaven help me.

(my grammar and spelling and punctuation and just about everything else is horrible. i'm sorry. i'm seriously falling asleep here. and i think my tea is frozen solid. ugh)

you know i am always willing to listen to you Mia. Whatever you wish to tell me, whatever you need of me, i will try to give you. I can only do so much. my email is still working. Um, i think so anyway. i have been getting these weird spam mail that i really don't know how i got to be subscribed to. I don't know. But it would be better if you would email me your thoughts little bit.

god. i'm sorry. i wish i could write more but there isn't anything else i can drag out of the gray matter currently asleep upstairs. i'm aching all over and it's not the nice kind of aching you get after...well you know.

maybe i should just grab my superannuation and retire to MataMata already.

Either way. keep in touch nibblet.

Always yours.

Friday, March 28, 2003

i filled in what i could in the template. This is a nice little setup. Nothing much to say. Other than i have been pretty useless lately Mia. Do you STILL need an older brother? Reading the latest spat on the blogs and the way you managed it (without me no less) makes me wonder if you still need me. I think you can go on your own little girl.

Cheers for the Australians! The Cricket World Cup is theirs for the 3rd time straight! Without the bothersome Shane either. Brent Lee was awesome.

And off i go then.